Glass & Clock Care


Every piece produced at Nina Cambron Studio may be polished and cleaned with a soft cloth. If necessary, you may use glass cleaner and even soap and water - just make sure you don't soak the piece or get the mechanism/clockworks wet or damp.

All pieces arrive ready to hang. Most pieces only require a nail or picture hanger that is secure in the wall. The large grids arrive with hanging apparatus and instructions.


Your clock will arrive with the necessary battery and a clock care card that describes everything I'm covering here.

- You'll need to insert the battery in the proper orientation. A few clock designs arrive with a black mechanism cover that needs to be removed to insert the battery. Do NOT throw this cover away! It keeps the clock parallel to the wall and your clock will not operate correctly without it. Press it back in place after the battery is inserted.

- Set the time by using the little wheel on the back of the mechanism.

- If the clock you ordered has a pendulum, it will also be wrapped separately and will need to be attached to the mechanism before you hang it. There's a little "hook" on the pendulum that fits into the moveable part on the bottom of the mechanism.

Typically, a nail or simple hanger is sufficient to hang your clock. Just be certain it is firm in the wall and angled slightly upward.


- Change or check the battery first, even if it's new.

- Look at the clock from the side to make sure each of the hands has it's own path. If the hands are colliding, they can't rotate to keep time. Bend them gently out of each others way. If the hour hand is hanging in the 6 o'clock position, it has become dislodged from the white shaft. Lay the clock on a hand surface & push it back onto the shaft as far as it will go.

- If the pendulum is stopping, make sure it's not hitting the wall. Make sure the wood standoffs are both there to keep the clock parallel and away from the wall. The battery cover mentioned above performs this same function for some designs. Tweaking the nail or hanger also works to alleviate some issues.