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All of Nina Cambron's fused glass figures are individually made to order. All are available with an optional stand allowing display on a mantle, pedestal or niche. Hair, veils and earrings are hammered copper, imbedded in the glass. Arms are made of strung beads, chain rusted or manipulated to the perfect patina. Eyebrows are bent to the perfect arch using a flame...details like lips and eyes are cut from glass and positioned to create the perfect expression.  

If the fused glass figure you choose utilizes a stand with "feet," they are antique shoe lasts dating from the late 1800's if they're cast iron and from the 50's if they're wood. They're welded and assembled one at a time often incorporating old drill bits and antique hardware.

None of my figures are exactly the same; each has it's own flair and personality. Please allow 4 weeks as the gestation period for your piece.