Embossed Wallpaper with Falling Leaves

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My love of pattern and color combinations come together in Embossed Wallpaper with Falling Leaves, one of my newest midcentury inspired fused glass wall pieces. A framed still life with a three-dimensional twist, my inspiration is drawn from the midcentury barkcloth and flocked wallpapers I grew up with. Hand drawn and silkscreened elements retain their three-dimensional form and delicately rest on the surface, inviting the viewer to move closer to examine the imagery. Ready to hang. 

Each piece measures 7" wide X 17" high X 2.5" deep. 

Embossed Wallpaper with Falling Leaves is also available with its mate, Spores and Sprout. The duo is titled "Potted Plants and Wallpaper" and is offered at a discounted price of $1350. The pair as pictured measures 17" wide.